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Smallbeerfruit On The Beach

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    The Fine City of Norwich - Norfolk
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You are looking at a conversion I carried out this summer on a 6' x 6' shed bought from Coastal Sheds (Yarmouth) about 7 or 8 years ago. The whole project was completed for under thirty quid (makes far more sense to spend the money on booze surely?), mainly from salvaged timber (Framing the hatch and the counter itself), and old stuff from my previous bar, smallbeerfruit, which was inside the house in my living room, i'll scan in an old photo sometime.

I've got a tiny garden, about 20' x 10', and the shed has to double up as a work area too, so I've put in the bamboo roller blind to hide all the non pub stuff. We can convert from workshop to bar in seconds, it's just like Thunderbirds!

We have electricity, but no fridge yet, I'm looking for a suitable top loader. It needs to be small! Currently the fridgeis a builder's bucket filled with ice from the kitchen freezer, workable but not ideal. Sounds come from my iPod plugged into an old ghetto blaster. Does the trick lovely! It's obviously a summer bar, what with everyone but bar staff outside catching the rays, but on the rare occasion that it does rain (!), the hatch/canopy provides a bit of cover.

Our philosophy is to keep it simple, we don't have darts, pool or lap dancing, but we have got some beer..

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I found a great quote in a cider making book:

George Borrow once said: "The effort in learning a foreign language is as nothing compared to the pleasure that follows from using it." The same may be said for the building of shed pubs...

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