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It is a great combination of summerhouse and workshop. it is converted from an old 1950's garage which has been reduced in size and then had a summerhouse grafted onto it. So - you can mess about in the workshop bit doing up your model boat or making those shelves or just chip away at a peice of wood whilst listening to the radio with a beer and then nip next door for a good sit down, listen to the radio and have a nap and another beer. In the evening a great place to relax and then the kids can have their mates to sleep over in it. Also it is a great place to put all those important things you saved up over the course of your 40+ years which the wife will no longer allow in the house. The shed bit even has its own letterbox.

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It is just perfect. It has windows in the side to give views of the greenhouse and the veg patch plus you can watch the wildlife in the garden (rabbit, squirrels, birds etc). Inside the kids have decorated one wall and I am slowly doing the others, just put Argos blinds up and old carpet from my mates front room, got a corner settee from the YMCA shop which turns out to be ex Centreparks and therefore two can nap at the same time. Bar is currently under construction.

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