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Outback Arms

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    jim robbins
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    - Essex
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my shed is special to me because from its conception six years ago it has seen many happy moments.That is what gives a shed life and soul.I smiled about it when i first built it and i still smile now.its the best money i have ever spent.Some people call it the pleasuredome which i think is a fitting tribute to it.

Other info

my shed was first built six years ago.I say first built because it has undergone four extensions in this time.It was originally 3.0 x now measures 4.5 x 3.0 with the various add ons(why didnt i build it that big in the first place?). The construction is fairly typical being 3x2 walls with shiplap outside.You should always use the best materials you can get or afford as this will pay off in time to come.Always use a vapour barrier beneath the shiplap as this stops any moisture getting through.Another recent thing i did was to coat the whole exterior with masonry paint.This has revitalised it and the shiplap should last a few more years.

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