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Some Sort Of Leaning Thing

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Pretty much most of the shed is recycled in one way or other. The sun and moon stained glass window is from a previous flat, salvaged from a skip. The other windows are cut from an acrylic sheet found in the garden. The roofing felt was also recycled from a roll in an alleyway, though this caused far more leaks than was strictly useful and has been replaced over time with new stuff. The shed is home to 2 bicycles, paint, beer, homemade marmalade, half bottle of 150% rum, 2 deckchairs, a collection of wood scraps and a 1930's cathedral-style valve radio recovered from the street.

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The original shed had disintegrated into just the walls and a gaping hole where the roof ought to have been by the time I took it over. I replaced the floor and roof with some old fitted wardrobes from the bedroom, put some windows in place of the grotty boards that were there, and filled the inside with the vanity unit and drawers also from the bedroom. Over time this chipboard on the roof absorbed so much rainwater through the shonky felt that the weight of it caused the shell to lean at increasingly alarming angles, requiring the shed door to be gradually reduced at the bottom to allow it to open. It's now been replaced with less weighty plyboard, though the lean is still quite pronounced.

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