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Pebble Shed

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My shed is special because I work from home and I can run away with my 'cup of tea' to the calm tranquility of my garden... and paints... and books... and the radio and the lovely 'Mike' (my garden gnome - named after the lolly-pop man I pass each morning on the school run! It's special because I never really wanted to play 'dolls' as a child. 'Houses' was much more fun (?) We had a beach hut but sold it. I miss it but realise that it was the 'hut' I missed more than the sand and the sea. Called Pebble shed because 'pebble' was my favourite word when I was little. What a wonderful word p e b b l e. Try it ...... p e ..

Other info's wooden..and it's far too small. I can't invite you (or anyone else) 'around' because there really is only room for one person. that will be me!! So, as much as I would like to have a Shed Party - I can't. Although I do like my own company (as I'm great fun!) so I have lots of parties on my own which no-one knows about!!!...if you get my drift. Anyway Kath kidston would be proud of me if no-one else is! Work hard- love your family and friends - play sheds! x

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