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Generic Escape Capsule

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The Generic Escape Capsule is an ordinary wardrobe that has been converted into an emergency refuge. It has a fully equipped kitchen, with stove and small sink. It has enough supplies of food and water to last one man or woman 14 days or more. It has a very basic toilet, entertainment and passive communication facilities, (radio). Saftey equipment includes a periscope, first aid kit and Tool Kit. Whenever an emergency occurs the owner climbs in and hides until the danger has passed. Basically it is a shed within a wardrobe!

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Contents-Stove, 14 days food & Water, Tool Kit, Cooking Equipment, repair Kit, Sink, chair, pillow, drain, waste bin, spare batteries, calendar, first aid book, Survival manual and 6 litres of Beer! It is also wall papered and has fitted carpet.

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