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The Highpaw Inn

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The Highpaw Inn is a lovely family run pub shed which is situated in our back garden, surrounded with decking. We use the bar at least once a week, usually a Sunday, although we have been known to frequent week-days which are special family get togethers. Our family and friends love the friendly atmosphere, and we have had many barbeque parties for all occasions. The pub name came about after our beautiful border collie Beth died aged 16. She was the only one who used the back garden and that is where she gave her unusual highpaw greeting. Coloured lights brighten up the deck area during the summer nights where we sit chatting into the early hours with family and friends. The inside is sheeted with tongue and grove and insulated. In the bar we have a few mod cons such as fridge, ice maker, electric heaters, microwave, radio/cd player, fan, fitted bar seating, bar stools, mirrors, optics and all the usual bar mementos. There isnt a T.V. as we find that would ruin the craic. The shed measurements are 12 x 10 x 7 feet and cost 300 pounds second hand. The cost of materials was about 2400 pounds. Labour for decking and building was 1000 pounds The overall cost of the project was in the region of 3700 pounds and worth every penny. please feel free to leave a comment....Paul, Landlord of The Highpaw Inn

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