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The M And M Bar

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    KENFIG HILL - Bridgend
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    i work from home as i look after dogs at home ,an alternative to kennells.this means i dont get to see my human friends as much as id like as im always with the dogs.this shed has given us a new lease of life.we have parties every 2 months with at least 40 people,so we can catch up with friends,and of course its cheaper,our teengers use it when their friends come over so at least i know where they are and they are not under their feet.wehave an extra space for sleepovers and its somewhere nice to chill and relax if you want five mins away from everyone.we have sky tv,and a dvd,also a kareoke machine a wii,darts snooker and door in another shed we have a hot tub to laze away the summer nights.

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    it took 3 of us 4 hours to put it up.came in sections that were easy to slot together.the hardest part to the whole proccess way the foundations that took forever to get right set=a.2046744009002.123125.1256478285&l= 8a4b07b8c1 FOR MORE PICS

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