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The Beach Bar

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All the wood was from my local wood yard and the bamboo was from a garden centre. The roof is treated board and felted, then a doubled layered thatch from Wilkos inside and out to give an illusion. Inside i used the bamboo slats to hold the drinks in on the shelves, hung fishing nets from the celing and decorated it in seaweed and seashells. Majority of the items inside the bar are from ebay including the bar pulls, freezer and beer cooler. Glasses & stools from Ikea.

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After sitting at beach bars in the Med, my wife and i decided to try and replicate one ourselves at the bottom of the garden!. We sketched it out then chalked the size out on the deck and made it up as we went along. Im not a carpenter, i took my time, tweeked it as i went along and made a few mistakes but that was some of the fun of it. My young children love it as i make up "non alcoholic" cocktails for them!.

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