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The Temple

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    John Bowen
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    Garden in Suffolk - Suffolk
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The shed was built by me and friends and I designed it to take account of my collection of recycled windows,doors,mid 19th century stained glass panels from my Grandmother's dismantled conservatory,salvaged timber and an old 19th century Norfolk plough wheel together with the constrictions of the narrow site at the end of the garden. The design intended to pick up the classic shape of East Anglian beach huts on the one hand and a classic Greek Garden Temple on the other.It has been dedicated to the Greek God Bacchus and used for chilling out with appropiate liquids to the sound of old vinyl jazz records and the entertainment of vestal virgins dancing...

Other info

The insulated 4x2 timber frame was mouted on a damp proof concrete base with a DPC below a brick sleeper course.This makes the shed very dry.The concrete base and sleeper course was then floor tiled to make it easy to clear up the mess inevitably brought in by roistering parties from the garden.

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