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From the outside, my shed looks like a regulation 8'6' allotment shed, but on the inside I've made the gypsy caravan/Southsea beach hut i've always wanted! - Everything has been done a small budget;I've used lots of my own craft work & charity shops & pound shops are great! Nothing in my shed is as it came to me, everything has been reworked, repainted, revamped by me! My shed is a place where I can be myself, have fun and totally relax. Its my favourite part of my much-loved allotment where I get a real kick out of growing my own fruit and vegetables - heaven !!!

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We inherited our plot and shed from our good friends Ray and Mary, who had enjoyed the allotment for many years and had built the structure of the shed and greenhouse from scratch. When Ray and Mary had to give up their plot due to ill health, they offered us the chance to take it on, which we were really happy and proud to accept. Ray's superb advice and stories are part of our allotment, what a lovely fella and a real character :o)

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