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The Water Shed

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    Geoff Hill
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    The Water Shed There are many fundamental human rights. However, nowhere in the United Nations Charter, the statutes of the European Court or even in the writings of great religious teachers and philosophers do they mention spending some quality time in your shed. I feel that this is a great failure by our moral, philosophical and religious leaders. Quality shed time with a cup of tea and a collection of slightly broken but nevertheless highly useful and handy components is essential to maintain a quality of life. The joy when one discovers, nestling inside a slightly rusty Capstan full- strength tin, that Whitworth threaded bolt needed to complete a particular project, cannot be beaten. But who, these days, has time to potter? In fact, the rat race has reached a point of insanity where some of us do not even have access to a shed. And that is where the Water Shed can help - a floating pavilion of all things sheddy'. The Water Shed will spend the summer moored off Smuggler's Cove. Access to the shed will be via canoe, rowing boat or swimming, entirely at your own risk.

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    The Water Shed will contain useful things. You are encouraged to look at the useful things and if you find something that you feel would complete a project you are working on, or at least help it on its way, you can take it home with you at no charge. Likewise, if you have something that you are sure is useful to someone, feel free to bring it to the shed, remembering that the shed is a comparatively small floating environment so a large container of high explosives would probably not be appropriate, whereas a tobacco tin full of Woodruff keys and washers would be. There is a primus stove, cups, teabags and sugar in the shed , but it might be an idea to bring some water and milk. I have discussed the Water Shed with a number of people, some of whom get it and some of whom don't and that's okay. The Water Shed has no agenda, - it's not environmental or political and it's not an installation. It's a shed. And as with all good sheds, it will change over time. People will bring things to it. People will take things away. Such is the nature of sheds. It is not a specialised shed like a bicycle shed and certainly having a cigarette round the back of it could be quite wet. There may be a book in the shed for people to record their thoughts and maybe jot down what they have brought with them or taken from the shed. There will definitely be deckchairs so one may sit with a cup of tea on the lawn contemplating the folly of those who have a shed-free existence.

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