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Beach Cove

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We only have a postage stamp of a garden which we decided needed to be child friendly as well as being used for barbeques and things in the summer. I love fishing, and brewing beer and my grandchildren love the beach and partys. My other half loves painting anything that moves. We came up with the idea of another shed where we could put a bit of a bar but also use for the grandchildren in the summer. What started as a bit of fun ended up as a shed theme park. I ended up making a beach bar/shack to go with my original shed which was just painted white. I had a lot of wood donated by friends and neighbours and got a lot of the bar fittings at boot sales. A trip to the beach after a storm is where we picked up the old fishing nets and drift wood.. My wife brought the lobster pot and a few bits and bobs on a trip to cornwall. The beach cove has been a big hit as it means all the family can use it. The grandchildren love having their own beach and boat and build lots of sandcastles and search for treasure. I love having a pint on my own barstool when the kids have gone home. Since these photos were taken I have added a cheap sound system a fridge cooler and pumps which I have took out for the winter. This year we are planning lots entertaining and my wife and I am planning a Greek tavern style patio.

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