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The Bad 'Elf Bbq Shed

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Living in the NE of Scotland, we spent last year huddled under the umbrella in the garden trying to have BBQs. It was a miserable experience so we decided to go mad and get a BBQ shed. Where there once stood a rusty old trampoline and a worn out patch of grass there is now a fine BBQ shed, used all the time. This was closely followed by decking..and then a fish pond! We have only just finished the pond, decking and planting so it's a work in progress but it's still great fun snow, wind or rain!

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With no public transport nearby and the nearest pub over a four mile walk, It's a great socialising place for all our family, neighbours, and friends. The neighbours named it, as they decided an evening partying in it could be bad for their 'elf. A real party place we can use 365 days a year!

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