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The Round Log Shed

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This shed is individual in the sense that it was inspired by the availability of chopped down oak trees and hop poles. There was an oak still standing in the corner of the garden,so the shed was designed to complement this as I still wanted it to grow there. The mixture sandwiched around the oak rounds was a combination of cement,sand,lime and sawdust which I mixed by hand and put in place with a pair of rubber gloves! In the photos you will also notice there are some heart shaped logs that I found and put next to the stained glass window which had heart shapes in its design. The photos shown are of the shed complete, the erecting of it and the inside which is my storage for everything that would normally go in a garage as I don't have one. Enjoy looking at my quirky, unique shed designed by me.

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The shed was built off the ground suspended with flat boards that sat on the base of the hop poles and each rectangle shape that is within the structure of the shed has whole stirling boards attached to the hop poles with two coats of bitumen. The outside is coated in wax used for sealing the undersides of cars and the roof has garden woven fence cladding made out of twigs and placed in layers. It was then covered in large holed chicken wire and then coated in engine oil and tar to weather protect it. Inside it is clad in the twig fence rolls to give it the wooden look and all posts for hanging garden implements were cut from hazel from the woods. Screwed to the sides of the inside walls are crates for storing paints e.t.c. Hope you get some ideas.

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