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Crafty Palace

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Almost floor to ceiling with craft goodies, I brought this 10 x 8 shed in 2008 and in 2011 I paid someone to move it up my garden into it newer position nearer the house. Since it has been moved I have used it so much more, I truly love my shed.

Last year it has got a much needed lick of paint to the outside and I adore it even more than I did before! Fully lined, carpeted and electrified with a PC and TV/DVD its my little home from home.

April 2014 Bank Holiday Monday I got itchy hands to do something and I added the two ice cream stripes to the outside of the Palace. A few days later and a bit of paint mixing and my Palace has a lovely summer makeover

Other info

The Crafty Palace got its name from my late Dad's love of Crystal Palace. Somewhere I could escape to in the evenings mainly when my boys are in bed and the hubby is xboxing, but sometimes I might snatch an hour or so at the weekends if I am lucky. (usually with my eldest in with me)

I make cards and personalised paper bunting whilst catching up on my favourite TV shows and DVD's. The inside changes almost weekly with me trying to find just the perfect storage and trying to use every inch inside to make it work better. With my crafty stash growing week by week I have been known to google "shed Extensions" LOL

Husband has been heard to mutter "can you fit a bed in there", or threaten pinching it himself for his gaming shed, but with my pink carpet and girlie additions all over the place I am sure he does not mean it!

2014 news - the Crafty Palace got its 15 minutes of fame being featured in the Daily Mail and Daily Mail online. e- 2597309/No-husbands-allowed- Think- sheds-refuge-men- These- women-built- backyard-havens.html

2015 News and The Crafty Palace was filmed for a Pilot Davina Mccall show which hasn't been shown yet. I was then contacted by BBC The One show and ITV Lorraine show and I had some fun days filming with both of their crews and got to meet the very lovely Giovanna Fletcher(i know, the one married to Tom) and also worked with the great Camera Crews from both ITV and BBC who made me feel at ease when inside I was absolutely scared to death. The most fun was with Keaton and Dave, thankfully they humoured this crazy old crafter! How bizarre, all this from owning my favourite little building in the world :)

2016 News - Contacted by European tv!! Yikes, it keeps on coming, but it is all good fun.

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