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The Den

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When I moved here 2 years ago there were two sheds which were full of junk.

The Den was cleared and painted with Cuprinol Black Ash outside. Cuprinol Country Cream was used inside to create a comfy and attractive place to sit. It already had electric so it's great to enjoy listening to radio and CD's. A camping stove allows coffee and snacks to be made.

Nothing in The Den is new except the curtains which I made from inexpensive fleeces and the colour changing solar lanterns at the front. The ribbons hanging from the rafter were tied round the fleeces so I'll make them into something attractive for the den.

Everything else is stuff I had and everything that's added is second hand. It's evolving all the time.

Unfortunately my health isn't good so funds are minimal and everything takes me quite a long time to do. Overall I'm proud of creating The Den at minimal expense. It's a great addition to the garden with many happy hours spent there. I hope my low cost den will inspire others to create a little sanctuary shed.

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