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The design of the shed is drawn from my love of all things vintage, urban-industrial and quirky. I love all things mid-century so it's basically an improved and residentially styled Nissen hut, fully insulated and lined. I couldn't find one to buy, so I got one made. It has an airy feeling inside, and yet the generous arc of the curved varnished ply ceiling cocoons you like a womb. It is the perfect alternative to the wooden chalet style garden building or the white modernist cube. Very individual, as are all the sheds in this competition. It is very simple in style, no fiddly-diddly decorative timber, it has eased rounded edges, and a solid, going-nowhere build. It has been so popular with friends and family that I've decided to sell them!

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The build is relatively simple. The corrugated steel acts not only as the roof of the building but also two of the walls. It only needs a slab foundation, so that's good. I'm a big fan of Ply as a material so it's got lots of that in. For economy we used decking for the flooring not only on the porch but also inside, and I wouldn't do that again....very annoying to sweep! We had an electricity supply connected to it so it has lots of sockets and lights. I would probably put underfloor heating in next time, but budget wouldn't allow this time. However, we insulated the hell out of it, and that has really worked.

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