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Prayer Shed Colman

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Built entirely out of firewood. It's a prayer shed, used several times a day by its builder/owner, a Methodist Minister. It has a stained glass window in honour of a 7th Century Saint, Colman, Bishop of Lindisfarne. (Nothing to do with mustard!). Although hidden, as it forms the back wall, is an old up and over garage door!

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This shed was built according to a plan that only existed in my mind. Using wood given to me by a workman mending fences, initially for the house fireplace, the most useful tools were a spirit level, a tape measure, and an electric saw. I think building it saved me from a breakdown due to stress, and the prayers said in it now continue to keep me sane, especially when candlelit, late at night. Its progress posted on Facebook generated a lot of interest. The stained glass window was a commission from an artist friend to my ideas, but his design. It's on the south facing wall so is beautiful when the sun shines. There's a deeper tale to tell, but space prevents me here, you get the idea!

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