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I had this on ebay...Genuine Rotten 6' x 8' Apex Roof Overlap Garden Shed.

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6' x 8' Apex Overlap Shed

Why wait for the rot to set in? This is pre rotted so you can spend more time in the garden soaking up those rays whilst sipping the G&T or Pina Colada without worrying when the first sign of wood rot will rear its ugly head.

It measures 6' x 8' with two glazed windows on opposing sides with a side door so you can enter at your leisure. This shed was already here when we moved in over 8 years ago, could it be a genuine shed from Tudor times? the glazed windows are leaded and also the timber is very rotten.

I have dismantled the shed for easy transportation with my fathers' Bosch PFZ 600E All Purpose Electric Saw (using the wood blade), my lump hammer and my Black and Decker 115mm Angle Grinder (the supporting bolt nuts wouldn't unscrew). Not only that...I have cut it down in to smaller bits, just to help if you thought about using your Austin A10 or Hillman Imp (it's those little things that make a great ebayer...don't you think?)

I have taken great care of this lovely shed over the years, treating it with TLC with the odd lick of timber preservative (when I could be bothered) and the roof was re felted a couple of years or so ago.

You can even get this shed for free, by guessing where the replacement "Walton Suffolk 6' x 8' Pent Shed" from www.gardensdirect.co.uk will go, to the nearest 100'. To enter, simply send me ?100 in crisp new notes (3 x ?50 notes are acceptable, if you can not get 2 x ?50 notes) with your entry. To give you a clue, the garden is roughly 33' x 23', good luck.

The price I'm asking is to cover the replacement one I have on order. Also, if Gardens Direct are reading this...do I get my new shed for free now? Ta!

If Bosch are reading this too, I kinda bent the wood saw a bit, but don't worry, the lump hammer sorted that out (hope my father doesn't read this...oops!) New wood & metal blades by chance?

If Black & Decker are reading this as well, the Proline PL80 4 1/2" Sander / Grinder "For the Tradesman" has served well, bought it in '90 to restore an old Triumph GT6 Mk3, though it does have a problem with the off switch, like it doesn't go off...new one from you guys too?

And finally, if the people from the Lump Hammer Co. are reading this, no problems, it worked well...though I did get a small blister on my little finger on my right hand that I lanced to ease the pressure...a box of plasters from you guys as well? (I'm not allergic to the fabric ones).

Thank you Sheddies

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