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Outside nearly finished of shed - Moville Anti-social Club, Donegal Future beer blackboard of shed - Moville Anti-social Club, Donegal Home-grown hops and charity shop finds! of shed - Moville Anti-social Club, Donegal Outside finished, but could use a tidy. of shed - Moville Anti-social Club, Donegal Another inside view of shed - Moville Anti-social Club, Donegal Lovely shot of the bar! of shed - Moville Anti-social Club, Donegal Photo 7 of shed - Moville Anti-social Club, Donegal Photo 8 of shed - Moville Anti-social Club, Donegal
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Moville Anti-social Club

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    Part storage, part microbrewery, part bar.
    The shed I'm submitting is actually a lean-to on the weird utility room that was built onto the house. Wasted space, really, that's slightly more useful now; or would be, if I wasn't turning it into a bar. The bar was supposed to be in the house... The whole thing, aside from the plastic roof, is reclaimed from either the house or from other projects.
    Special? It rolls 3 Readers Sheds categories into one: Pub shed, eco shed and Tardis!
    Total cost: <£50

    Other Shed info

    Some stud walls were removed from the house, so I had a lot of wood in the yard getting wet. Having lost three internal walls I was even shorter on storage space, so a shed extension seemed like a good idea. At around the same time my homebrewing got evicted from the house, so it's nice to have somewhere reasonably dry to brew. The bar? Well, why not.

    The frame is reused stud walling; palletwood walls fixed using nails salvaged from the plasterboard (I'm not tight...)! The door was from the house, the window was in the yard when we bought the place (I knew I was keeping it for something). Everything else was from previous projects; offcuts, old light fittings, screws, paint, hinges, hooks, all leftovers from some home improvement or other. The whole thing is massively over-engineered and a little rough, but this is my first shed. I'd love to win SOTY, but if my dad* doesn't find too many faults with it, I'll be happy enough.

    *Never seen a spirit level. Bar top is made from offcuts of laminate floor. Looks class, and wipes up REALLY easy.

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