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Tiki Bar

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Self designed and hand built Tiki style cocktail bar. Constructed using fence posts for the frame and planks from local garden supply shop. The counter top is two inch oak, with the bark left on, it was sourced from a local timber yard, we were allowed to chose the tree trunk that suited our requirements and the yard owner cut it to size. Shelving was made from off wood yard cuts, with support struts decorated in Tiki style by Jo. Windows were added to provide weather proofing and security, but can be lifted out when the bar is in use. The build only took a few actual days, but spread over a couple of months, when spare time was available. Home made paving slabs were added last summer, spelling out the work Tiki. Decorations and drinks glasses have been found on the internet, or picked up on holidays.

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Built to enjoy a sunset cocktail with our friends and family, in the style of a Florida Tiki bar. Jo had fancied the idea of a bar in the garden and I suggested a Tiki bars like those I'd seen in hotels on a trip through the Florida Keys. Most hotels seemed to have them in spots where you could watch the sunset. People would gather before going out to dinner and enjoy a cocktail, or beer. So we located our bar in the corner of the garden the gets the last of the summer sun. Sometimes it's just the two of us having a quiet G&T at the end of the day, or with a couple of friends. But it has been used for several full on family birthday parties

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