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Pedney's Place

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    Lesley Harper
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    Garden - Devon
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    More than £1000


Pedney's place is a unique custom built home for four rescue rabbits. It has been designed to mimic a bunnies natural environment, a bit like a burrow but above ground. It provides space, shelter, multi- level living and overground tunnels to keep them happy and healthy. It has a porcelain flooring to keep them cool in the summer and help keep their nails trim. It is made of solid English green oak construction hand built using traditional mortise and tenon joints by a local carpenter and is built to last a lifetime. It has recently had a few adaptions (hence the slight differences in the photos). Features include built in hayboxes, water bottle holders, shelves and tunnels for them to play on/in It also has remote controlled LED colour changing mood lighting and spotlights installed to light up their living area in the evening, to make cleaning in the winter months easier and to add a little colour to those cold dark nights and bleak winter months.

Other info

The rabbit run is attached by pipes to a large hutch. It also has two small doors on either side of the oak run so the two pairs of rabbits take it in turns to have free access to the garden. Rabbits are the UK's 3rd most popular pet but sadly still one of the most neglected, often confined to a very small hutch with no attached run at the bottom of someone's garden. The maximising of space and freedom for the rescue bunnies was paramount to it's design. The main run is approximately 3.2m wide by 1.5m deep and over 2 metres high.

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