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The Bar

  • Sheddie:

    Anthony Bennallack
  • Location:

    Back garden - Dorset
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It is a working bar, there are pumps that work with coolers

Other info

It's a old Marley garage with a patio door and double glazing, the garage was a friends and he was getting rid of it, so this is how it started, another friend had the door and window, I did have an old shed which had old pump signs in it, so this old shed made the bar and other parts in this one, friends started to give me the pump signs, and even the pumps, came home from work one day and there was a T bar on the door step, friend have brought me stuff from all over the world, even a friends sign from the set in America, we have jukebox, all TV, sports, and Wi-Fi, even the pumps work with the cooler, (used for BBQs and parties, the bar is used most nights for the golden hour on a local radio stn, friends and are selfs have had some good times, at least once a year for the BBQ, this is an on-going thing, it never ends,

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