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Gentleman's Retreat

  • Sheddie:

    Shaun Sutton
  • Location:

    In the corner of the back garden - Northamptonshire
  • First entered:

  • Cost of shedbuild:

    More than £1000


Without a plan, a complete dug into the ground self made polygon shed, with hessian panelled full insulation and heating, accessed by double fronted in and out doors opening onto decking. The structure includes a hipped edged roof, with hand made double cut tiles, together with velux type star/ cloud gazing skylights, complete with sliding blinds using second chance material. It has two bay windows and to maintain a multi use space without distraction, there are hidden internal spaces for garden tools, camping equipment, family storage and boys toys, and the piece to resistance, a hand crafted pulley lever system to control access to a work in progress, hand built model railway, concealed in the eves of the shed roof. Finally, a wall fixed extending and foldaway table for hobbies and work, complimented by a renovated reclaimed chair from the attic and, lastly, slung across the open internal space, a removable summer and winter level Gentlemans hammock.

Other info

I had no plan, apart from a pencil drawing of something that bares no resemblance what so ever to what I finished up with. All wood used is fencing material. Each time I approached a part that I was going to make, whether it be the main structure, the design of the roof tile or a window, I tried as best as I could to think of what the shed would look like as an end product. I think its turned out alright.

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