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The Stag's Head

  • Sheddie:

    Pete Hogan
  • Location:

    Garden - Somerset
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    More than £1000


The Stag's Head is a place to socialise or a place to just be, it's my happy place, it's has been the venue for many parties it was Swiss chalet recently for a fondue party and a gluhwein hut last year (and will be again this year), it's a cross between a Scottish bothy and an Alpine ski lodge.. our friends love it and it's already amassing many happy memories.

It was built on a whim and completed a year ago (this week October 2015) and originally was just planned to be just a standard garden room/ summer house but now it's a fully operational social space that can comfortably hold 8 (possibly many more) with room to lounge in a comfy chair, prop up the bar or have a boogie it's also a place you can sit On your own and contemplate life with a nice single malt..

Other info

Its constructed around a 2x4 timber frame and clad with waney edge cedar, the front opens fully to extend the space out on to a deck, it was built with no plans and no real idea of a design, just a vague idea of how I wanted it to look. Its styled using reclaimed timber and scaffold boards, leather stools and tartan chairs, set in the bar top is a galvanised pig trough for an ice bucket, it has a corrugated steel ceiling, vintage style lighting, steel conduit and bakelite but the piece de resistance is a full size Stag mural that takes up the whole back wall, to put it simply, The Stag's Head is the best idea I've ever had.

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