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The Seven Dwarfs Cottage

  • Sheddie:

    Simon Pannell - grandad
  • Location:

    Garden - Norfolk
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  • Cost of shedbuild:

    £101 to £149


Grandchildrens playhouse, play garden with artificial grass and picket fence around it and false chimney which smokes when smoke pellets popped inside it. Windows open to play 'shops' through. Snow White face opens for child to pop their own face through ( like scene images on piers and beaches). Two foot hand painted murals of snow white & seven dwarfs and forest animals on both sides and front. Prince charming and animals on rear. Then added roof timber supports with peg 'n' hole false fixings to give old cottage look. Interior, an educational playtool with the Alphabet painted on one wall with dotted lines to copy and learn to write capitals and little letters. Numbers and moving clock faces still to be added.......And anything else I can dream up including furniture?? Started to make a mini sofa to add to inside. My granddaughter loves it and plays in it every week, my grandson's are still to visit? Images to follow through planing, build and completion for competition draw in May 2017. Update April 2017 - NOW- finally finished, phew! Labour of love. Nearly two years in the making to completion with its own play garden with artificial grass all-round, non slip stepping stones and a picket fence completes the project. So if you have followed my added series of photos over the last few months and like the finished project vote for me! My granddaughter would love it! Thanks

Other info

Built through winter while in remission from my cancer treatment for my grandkids. Trying to get it finished for 2017 shed of year draw? (Now finished) Built on tight budget for obvious reasons! Took FREE old wrotten summer house I got and repaired it. Each panel has three coats of sealer, primer, undercoat and top coat then acrylic paint finish added and three coats of yacht varnish to all surfaces prior to build to prevent decay. Obtained roofing felt and wood/timber from Gumtree (freecycle) & carboots. Paints and screws etc. from cheap reliable retailers, most expensive item was 25 pounds worth of acrylic paint and brushes to draw the images over two months, cost Under 150pounds in total. Unique design/build, basic 8 panels - two bolted floor panels, rear panel & side panel (including ballestrade) lip the floor to prevent cappilleration of water run off- screwed together with just a dozen screws. The two paneled roof is my own design for one person to erect quickly- pre felted with fascia timbers already on. A frame on inside (see photos) easily clips over side panels and four screws inside used to hold in place. Then just the apex finished with felt ridge cap and clouts, & screwed on finials. The same procedure can be applied to larger builds with a four paneled roof with vertical felt strip overlaps down the middle of roof. The basic structure can be put together and completed -water tight in about an HOUR or two! Budget was my chosen catagory, but would have liked to have chosen a child's catagory or see one added for future years like children's garden buildings?? Would encourage others like me to build for the kids! Hope you like my build , love to answer your comments - regards Grandad.

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