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    Brenda Jet
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    Hartland. North Devon - Devon
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    More than £1000
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    I started designing a shed about twelve years ago which after taking many and various advices made me realize my own limitations, I am an artist not an architect or a builder.

    I continued to refine my design in any event making several models to keep me going, determined that I would make it one day come what may.

    My first attempt at a build was about nine years ago and was made from parts of two existing sheds and other bits, happily paint covered all manor of sins. It rained for most of the summer slowing the build to a snails pace. I later added a small room at the back which was a bit of a disaster as the ceiling was to low so it ended up as a garden tool store.

    When I moved house four years ago I dismantled the shed and kept it in a lock up until I could clear a space for it in my disheveled garden. In the mean time of course, the designs were moving along at a pace whilst the garden started to take shape.

    I rebuilt the shed with amendments and had to accept that purchases were required! Again I roped in all of my friends who were marvelous.

    I had been renting studio space which was expensive and too far away at the same time a pension plan which I forgotten about matured which meant I could move to the next stage. This also meant that I could employ a builder to help with the roof and main structure. He advised me that I was being extremely optimistic to think I could build this as a lay person on my own, especially on my budget. I was not to be deterred!

    Originally owning sixteen round windowed doors from Hull there were now two remaining, my having sold the rest to fund another part of the build .There are a number of second hand and recycled parts which includes amongst others, the sliding patio doors, one of the two large round window frames, ( I sold the other to pay for some of the glazing ) and kitchen units. I found the red pipes in a skip - they are from an old petrol station and they have been with me since the beginning. I also managed to find get a 1960s hospital screen which I renovated to use as a room divider and screen for the doors.

    There were various hurdles I had to overcome - obviously moving house, the derelict and overgrown garden, the site for the shed had to be leveled, the oil tank had to be considered and my health is often an issue.

    This is where I am now! I have a lovely usable space which has a wood burner and lighting in a beautifully restored garden overlooking my mini pond, whilst I am working in my studio - and when I am not, I can enjoy the fruit of my labours from my living room window. 

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    I will be holding an open studio event in June.

    I have more photographs if you want them.

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