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Simply known as ‘The Shed’, this has come to play a key part in our lives – Jill, Adam, Archie and Lilly the dog.

Shaping the design has been our ecological commitment to re-use, recycle, re-purpose and upcycle where possible throughout.

The Shed was originally a metal frame gazebo, which after a violent storm was destroyed.

The metal frame remained intact, and this was the starting point when Adam looked at replacing the roof and this is where the journey began 18 months ago.

We are fortunate in that Adam has access to an endless supply of wooden pallets (and large wooden packing containers) for free through his work, and these make up the main structure of the Shed roof and supporting walls.

To keep it light and airy, Adam also claimed some double glass panels (4) which were destined for landfill, and so the roof was first to be completed.

We then thought it would be nice to have some walls, so we sourced all the wooden doors and door panels from freecycle, skip-diving, back lanes, etc.

, and over time Adam painstakingly joined these together to form an enclosed water-tight outside room.

It was still a bit drafty but Adam worked up to Christmas 2020 to seal any gaps with wood, bits of roofing felt and lead that we had hanging around in the cellar.

We found some re-claimed slate tiles, Adam and Archie fitted these on the floor and the cupboard unit inside (which holds a rain-water catcher barrel) was a number of kitchen units we found dumped in a nearby back lane.

Inside we have a conservatory suite we rescued again from landfill, and rugs, blankets, pictures, candle holders, trinkets, etc.

are all second-hand from local charity shops and markets.

Although the Shed is a work in progress, our latest additions include a solar panel to charge a small music player, and lights if needed, but we prefer to use all the natural candle lights wherever possible as it makes it very cosy.

Also the roof is now insulated with living plants and compost and decorated with natural sea glass we have found on local beaches during our dog walks with Lilly and our beach cleans.

Inside we have added a Bell tent wood-burning stove (the only thing we could not source second-hand) which means we have a source of sustainable heat (pallet wood) so we can use the Shed throughout the seasons whatever the weather.

We also cook on it regularly too!

Other info

The Shed came into its own during lockdown 1 when our eldest (Alix) returned home briefly and we had a houseful. Whilst Adam continued to go out to work (as an essential worker), Jill had to (and still does) work from home, Alix was furloughed and Archie’s school was closed and his GCSEs cancelled.

The Shed became extra space for us all to both work and play; Jill frequently held zoom meetings in there and the evenings and weekends were filled with BBQs, cocktails and family games of Yahtzee, Scrabble or poker.

This continued through the summer months and subsequent lockdowns and has been a base when our UK holidays have been cancelled. Although it is a temporary structure – and a work in progress - it has come to feel permanent in our lives, and it is a special space that we have grown to love and appreciate.

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