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The Brown Gout

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    More than £1000


Day time: Work from Home office - internet, wi-fi, TV screen monitor.

Evenings: Traditional Sussex pubs games, Dumps / Toad in the Hole, Ring the Bull, shoveha'pney,

Incorporates lots of recycled materials - windows, door, old floorboards,

Bar and back bar made from an old mahogany dresser - £9 on ebay.

Incorporates some original old pub etched windows removed by my uncle about 50 years ago from a pub being demolished.

Other info

Working from home, original plan was to build a garden office. Plan developed to also use it as somewhere for a drink in the evenings as the pubs were shut. Then became more pub than office. Still use it for working form home but sometimes difficult to explain with Teams call on a Friday afternoon...

Built from scratch - not kit shed.

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