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Bar Humbug

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    Back garden - Wiltshire
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    More than £1000


Our shed is special because it's a lovely space to relax in the summer evenings when it gets a bit chilly, and to have friends round for drinks. We also used it to 'eat out' during lockdown - taking our Sunday roast out there made us feel like we were going to a restaurant! My husband and I built it, with help from our son when it came to putting the roof on. It's decorated from upcycled items, such as a bicycle wheel for a light, tea cups for a chandelier, £3 charity shop chairs repainted and re upholstered and an Ikea unit clad in wood. We had great fun adding bits and pieces to make it a welcoming space and we absolutely love it! It's always evolving and trips to charity shops have become an inspiration!

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Bar Humbug has become a sanctuary and a space where I can really go mad with my ideas, putting things in there that wouldn't work in the house. It's given us a lot of pleasure and was so great during covid - just having a project to do kept us sane.

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