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    Maria Driscoll
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    End of garden - Essex
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It’s a self contained bar. My husband dreamed of this during his 17 years in the Royal Green Jackets. We saved up and tried to get the look of an officers mess, with a modern take with all the Jewell like colours. We socialise in there with our friends/family and it helps with the veterans’ camaraderie and improves their wellbeing. It was built during lockdown

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Our shed bar was named ‘Bramalls’ in memory of the very successful and Inspirational Field Marshall Lord Bramall who sadly passed away recently. It was also used as for isolation when my husband got COvid and didn’t want to infect the rest of the family. We are very proud of the way it has turned out, and it is used as often as we can. It’s our little piece of social enjoyment after years of army life.

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