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This shed was designed and painted by Coral Lincoln and the children of High Greenbury Childcare nursery. High Greenbury Childcare is situated on High Greenbury farm where the farm/eco nursery and shed are owned by Lucy Atkinson who has funded and supported the project. Coral Lincoln is an educator at the nursery who has spent countless hours and her free time to complete this project for the children. Coral designed the shed as a resource to aid the children's imaginative play. Other resources have been purchased to work alongside the shed for the children such as a large wooden boat and other toys to enhance their imaginative play. The children have helped come up with concepts for the four sides of the shed including a dinosaur world, underwater world, desert island and fantasy world to follow all of the children's interests and favourite stories. The children have also taken turns to help paint parts of the murals including our babies who have spent time in Coral's lap while she paints! The shed is situated in the nursery garden where we spend most of our day. The garden includes lots of natural resources and an allotment where the children grow and pick their own food. The children have thoroughly enjoyed watching our old shed come to life and have enjoyed contributing to something that future children can enjoy. The shed is now a key feature of our garden area and catches your eye as your drive up the farm track to visit the nursery. Our shed is used to store all our toys and resources as well as our bikes and pushchairs.

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Our shed has been created using cuprinol garden shades and has been entirely hand painted and designed by Coral Lincoln and the children of High Greenbury childcare aged 1-4 years. If we were to win the contest it would be immensely rewarding for the children and we would use the prize money to buy further educational resources for the nursery garden for the children to enjoy for years to come

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