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If you have an amazing shed - enter it HERE for shed of the year 2015.

Due to an overwhelming response this year we've decided to extend the closing date one more time to 1st May 2015

Important information about the Shed of the year TV show & judging here.

The winner of Shed of the year 2014 is The allotment roofed shed

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Here are a selection of entries for Shed of the year 2015 View all the sheds Or add your own amazing shed.

Matthew's Shed - Matthew Vennard
Mickelfish Arms - Mick Fisher
'Shedonism' - My other shed's a Porch! - John and Carole
Brighton Rock - Rosie Gilmour
The Nags Shed - Jason speedy
SHEDOGA - Kevin McGivern
The Tardis - Christine Wilkinson
Al's meccano shed - Big Al
Red shadow - Jason Morgan
 - James Green
Ant's Pad - jessica contomichalos
Johns Sitooterie - John Warnock
Finn's Shed - David Croy
The Quiltshack - Elaine
Kats Halt (signal box). - karen kingston
There's no shed like home.............x - Debbie
The Donkey House - Mikem
The Dagg & Duck - Ivan Dagg
The Pip - Laura
peppermint patio - chris boothby

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Shed Of The Year Winners

National Shed of the Year competition sponsored by Cuprinol

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