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Luxury Shed

Well it is an ordinary shed but it is a decent size (5m by 3m) and in a nice style. It has also been built to last with plywood and cladding. I'm told that it can be seen from outter space.

I built it big so that I could use it to work on my old Standard Vanguard; sadly that has now gone but funnily I still don't have quite enough room!

Added: It was my own design with ideas from some books from the library - It has a concrete base with a full DPC. The shed frame is 2x4 timber, the perimeter frame at the base and gutter levels being doubled and overlapped at the corners. The walls are 18mm shuttering ply faced with shiplap on exposed walls and bitumous sheeting on the hidden ones. The roof is 12mm marine ply again with bitumous sheeting. All in it cost about ?1200.


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