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My Shed was custom built by myself and is a recording and rehearsal studio for up and coming bands, It's been built for 12 years now, it's recently had a face lift as the ivy growing up it (a sheds worst enemy) had rotted the outside boards and the roof boards. It is sound proofed with 4 tonnes of sand in the walls and it has a concrete roof and doors.

Inside, the studio is divided into 3 rooms a mixing / lounge area, 'Live room' (where most of the band go) and an air conditioned 'Drumming booth', which tends to keep the drummer freezing and the rest of us about the right temperature :)

My shed features on page 72 in the book Shed men and also in the new version of the book, you'll often find me in Waterstones with my fellow shed dweller Dave (featured on page 44 of shed men) doing book signings and talking about the wonders of sheds

Thank you to everyone who voted my shed through to the final, I'm very proud of my shed and I'm keeping everything crossed to win the grand prize of a much needed extra shed.

Good luck to all who entered and may the best shed win!


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