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The Village

Completely hand built from scratch with no descernable plans. Basically made it up as I went along. The main shed is 15' X 10'with double insulated walls with a second floor for storage. Lighting and electrics throughout. Massivley over engineered in every aspect. Freeveiew TV and Internet access of course. Wood stove and Bar going in over the summer. Like any good Sheddy I hadn't finished the first shed when I decided to build the second shed to put all the stuff in planned for the first - didn't want to fill the first one up with the current Lady Fletchers gardening rubbish

Still unfinished but it took years to finish the Sistine Chapel and that was just a quick paint job

The Taj Mahal was built to celebrate love, the Pyramids to ensure a safe passage to the afterlife and the Eifell Tower to stop us looking at the French. My sheds carry on this fine tradition in celebrating the three main virtues of a Man namely

Powertools, Alcohol and Bonfires

Year first entered 2009


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