Butterfly Barn Butterfly Barn Butterfly Barn Butterfly Barn Butterfly Barn Butterfly Barn Butterfly Barn Butterfly Barn
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Butterfly Barn

I have called it my "Butterfly Barn" as its a place where I can be free to be myself and relax. I have planted lots of plants and flowers to attract butterflies around the shed. Visitors to my shed leave notes, design a butterfly or draw pictures in the butterfly visitors book and take away butterfly stickers. It was specially built for the purpose of attracting butterflies. There are many reminders of the beautiful butterfly inside and outside the shed. People have said they feel peaceful and creative when they are in the shed. For me, its a great place to relax. Sometime, I spend most of the day there!

I designed this myself.Its about 8ft x 8ft and has a specially built bench inside. It has a roof window and lattice windows and a gate which forms a circular frame from which to view the world! Also has butterfly double doors (come in handy in the winter months) and its own matching bird/butterfly house on the front. Some blue-tits are presently showing an interest in moving in. I created and painted a pink water butt to match the shed decor and have put in solar lights inside and out.

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