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Inspiration House

It comes apart into panels that fit into a pickup truck and can be trasnsported to a new location and reasssembled. No panel is longer than 8 ft. (2.438m) or wider than 4 ft. (1.219m). The total dimensions (without roof) are 2.44 by 2.44 by 2.84(tall) meters. Its sole function is as a place of inspiration, whatever that means to the user.The inside is meant to interact with the environment it is placed in, and so make the user aware of the world inside them, as well as the world outside.

The 3D models are supplied both the show the design process and to show the roof, since it is currently being displayed sans roof, due to the height of the gallery in which it is being exhibited. The walls are made of welded steel and glazed with acrylic and polycarbonate, the floor is painted plywood, the doors and handles are recylcled from old commercial buildings. It is currently in the ICON Gallery in Fairfield, Iowa, but will soon rest in my backyard, facing the Wapsipinicon River.

Year first entered 2009


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