The Little Gloster 'Beach Huts'
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  • The Little Gloster 'Beach Huts'
  • Holly Siddons
  • The Little Gloster, Gurnard, IOW

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The Little Gloster 'Beach Huts'

We live on the Beach in Gurnard, on the IOW and have been wanting somewhere to store our restaurant's deck chairs. After much dreaming about a real beach hut, and the realisation that we just couldn't stretch to that cost at the moment, we decided to build two small sheds and get creative!

All I can say is that masking tape is a winner! and we love how our cuprinol stripes match with our outside tables, and that we are in keeping with the piles of expensive beach huts down the shore, for a 10th of the price. If only they were big enough to live in and we would make it our hideaway from the restaurant.

Year first entered 2011

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