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The Radio Shack The Radio Shack The Radio Shack The Radio Shack
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The Radio Shack

For some odd reason I began collecting retro radios..tv's record players from boot fairs etc...no idea why...Got to about 100 or so which is when I had the idea of the radio shack. A run down falling over shed...so i doubled the size of it and raised the roof to form a ridge..and there it was..an odd museum of old electronic equipment...most of which is fully working...again as with The boot(my pubshed) all materials are reclaimed or thrown out scrap. The shed has a view over the garden to the river, a great place to play some old vinyl.

Once more all built from thrown out materials...this cost me nothing at all to build..Am I beginning to sound tight? No but seriously it's worth looking around...There were some hairy moments when I built this...Especially when I lifted the roof up to form a ridge in a high wind..nearly ended up with a pile of wood with me in the middle..!! please check my 2 other sheds if you like..cheers!

Year first entered 2011

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