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  • Mike longden
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The Radio Shack

Category: Workshop/Studio

For some odd reason I began collecting retro's record players from boot fairs idea why...Got to about 100 or so which is when I had the idea of the radio shack. A run down falling over i doubled the size of it and raised the roof to form a ridge..and there it odd museum of old electronic equipment...most of which is fully working...again as with The boot(my pubshed) all materials are reclaimed or thrown out scrap. The shed has a view over the garden to the river, a great place to play some old vinyl.

Once more all built from thrown out materials...this cost me nothing at all to build..Am I beginning to sound tight? No but seriously it's worth looking around...There were some hairy moments when I built this...Especially when I lifted the roof up to form a ridge in a high wind..nearly ended up with a pile of wood with me in the middle..!! please check my 2 other sheds if you like..cheers!

  • Year first entered 2011

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