My Whacky Wooden Shed My Whacky Wooden Shed My Whacky Wooden Shed My Whacky Wooden Shed
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My Whacky Wooden Shed

The Structure and Colors make my shed very unique and childish. I build the shed for my kids however it is now being displayed in a retail outlet, It features a complete raised canopy raising the shed off the ground then I have fitted a Ladder/Staircase as well as a slide (which was purchased seperatly) The overall shed took a few months to make and has been treated and painted.

I stuck to a standard shed type structure for the main room then planted it on top of a raised canopy and extended the roof to hand over the front of the shed. I got the idea for the shed from other creators who currently have there sheds on show here:

Their website

Year first entered 2012

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