Litte barn on the prairie Litte barn on the prairie Litte barn on the prairie
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  • Litte Barn On The Prairie
  • John Short
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Litte Barn On The Prairie

I like the barn style, which is quite popular here in the USA's West for anything from small garden sheds to large farm buildings / barns. We just painted this up to match the house and garage colours (the house was first on the block of what is now an Old-Town neighbourhood on the plains, about 10 east of the Rockies, originally a rural / farming residence; the garage was the old coach-house - the horses have now been replaced with vintage steel horses / chariots but otherwise it hasn't changed much since I got in there) :-)

I'm a Brit living with my American wife in northern Colorado (hence I came to hear about this shed sharing page); I don't recall barn styles being common back in the UK, so thought I'd share this.. The interior's a project yet to be started, but seeing as interior shots are requested, feel free to check out the old NY- built Worksman (cross Heinz 57!) tandem (which as you can see is also a project yet to be started)!

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