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Carl's Tech Shed

Less than £100

It started out as a junk room, then it became a junk room with a computer desk, then the junk was cleared and it became Tech Shed! In November 2011, I started posting bi-weekly YouTube videos and it grew from there. The kitchen worktop desk was found in a skip after it'd been cut too short by a clumsy kitchen fitter but that wasn't a problem for me! All of the power, networking and lighting were installed at a cost of about οΎ£50. I have a pair of gigabit copper CAT6 cables which make the 50ft journey up the garden and into the house.

It's a standard 10x8 wooden shed with four windows (two fixed, two openable) with a vinyl floor covering. It gets cold in the winter which is ideal for running my servers which kick out a fair bit of heat!

Year first entered 2013

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