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Garden Shed

Category: Unexpected

£250 to £499

Originally a tool storage shed thrown up during construction of the main building and made from plywood and scrap wood, we decided to keep it for use as a potting shed. However to keep it from being an eyesore, and to harmonize with the main structure, we applied wattle and daub (stucco and faux half timbers) and added an antique gothic door. Now the shed has been featured in The Knot Magazine as a favored photo opt for bridal couples being married on the estate!

It's the little touches that make a shed unique; the addition of some stained glass and a protective gargoyle on the gable took our shed from mere garden shed status to a garden feature. Just make sure that the underlying structure is sound and built from weather resistant materials. The addition of stucco to the plywood sides make this shed much more solid and weather resistant.

  • Year first entered 2013

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