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Shed Seven Aluminium Shed Seven Aluminium Shed Seven Aluminium Shed Seven Aluminium Shed Seven Aluminium
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Shed Seven Aluminium

More than £500

It is a very special shed as it was designed and constructed totally by me! I wanted it to look like it was a 6" thick slab of aluminium suspended ontop of a garden structure. It had to actually work aswell so it had to be a certain floor area.

I CAD detailed all the individual panels and made these on site, fastening them together to form the walls. The roof is constructed from 6" x 2" joists lined with 18mm plywood and the whole surface clad in 1.2mm thick aluminium sheeting with overlapped joints so it doesn't leak. It doesn't leak. The curved face is self colour render applied to Expanded metal lathing and the glazing is 8mm glass with blue reflective sun blind on the inside. Cedar cladding to two outside faces. I love my shed.

Year first entered 2013

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