Starbeck Tardis Starbeck Tardis
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Starbeck Tardis

£250 to £499

It looks a bit like a tardis

built for my allotment, but I got kicked off after the allotment fascists came so I wrote a poem

Gardeners Delight.

The Allotment Fascists are gathering

Beady eyes on meagre veg

Leave that weed strewn hovel

You should have cut the hedge

The Allotment Fascists are here

Ancient scythes and reap they must

Smug dreams of sustainability

Withered, broken, dust

This will be a final solution

It's better things are pure

Unlike us you can't belong

Sorry we are sure

So then I decorated it like a Tarids.

curved sides then feather edge board

Year first entered 2015

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