Salter's Shack
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Salter's Shack

£101 to £149

I love living by the sea and walk on the beach most days. I wanted to bring a bit of the beach to my garden so designed a beach hut style shed. I love the little huts that line the British Coast and now have one in the garden that I can see every day.
I have matching garden furniture and a deck chair I upholstered myself to match and hand made bunting. The seagull on top sets it off. it is definitely the key feature of my garden.

My Dad helped me build the shed and I painted it myself, made curtains and up cycled a second hand deck chair to match. It's purple and cream
The paint was ᆪ25 and the fabric around ᆪ6 with a few beach decorations including a life ring, bucket and spade, and a seagull.

Year first entered 2015

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