Man cave mark 2 Man cave mark 2 Man cave mark 2 Man cave mark 2 Man cave mark 2 Man cave mark 2 Man cave mark 2 Man cave mark 2 Man cave mark 2
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Man Cave Mark 2

£150 to £249

Nearly all of the wood have been reclaimed from discarded shipping containers, the floor is made from an experimental floor tile which is adaptable to any given size whilst being a good way of using up lots of small bits, the roof is flat plained so no joining folds where felt tends to break, there is a fold away fuel bunker built onto the side which is erected in winter so fuel can be stored next to the house but folded away in warmer weather, the walls are three and a half inches thick of solid timber so is was well built as an uneducated man in the art of woodwork can get,

Physical size is 12' by 12' square, the inside is split into half storage and half work area.
I've always wanted a log cabin but they are far too expensive for someone on my wages, with lots of hard work and creative thought I have built something that should last a lifetime and looks like a well made building.

Actual costs for the curious

Wood screws : ᆪ60 to ᆪ80 Wood preserver : ᆪ14 Tar : ᆪ30 3 rolls of the heaviest grade felt going : ᆪ57 (rare B&Q deal) Waterproof Varnish : Around ᆪ100 Two piece of 10mm perspex : ᆪ36

Year first entered 2015


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