Model Railway room
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Model Railway Room

Shed Category: Unexpected

Plenty of space for the model railway to grow....
Housed in a 16ft x 8ft shed - it's huge! But proving its worth as I continue to build the model railway. Set out on a concrete base topped with paving slabs, the shed was built on there, with OSB laid over the supplied base, having laid polystyrene insulation in both the floor joists, was and ceiling. In the middle of winter it will be very cosy.

The shed was finished just after the New Year and now work is progressing on building the railway, which will go round the room on two levels, giving a run of something like 70 feet.... before reversing and going back up to the top level. The terminus of which will be a model of Henley on Thames on 4mm to the floor 00 gauge set in the 1930's Great Western Railway era - steam locos will abound.

Cost of shedbuild: More than £500

I built it myself :-)
It's a Billy oh 5000 from which I put up last October myself - with no other help, not to be recommended, but its still a great room.

  • Year first entered 2015

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